MarketSense is a business-to-business marketing and lead management firm, headquartered near Chicago, Illinois. We have a national client base and over 60 employees to serve them.

In the last year, Paul has helped us with two significant transactions, the acquisition of another advertising firm to help expand our capabilities, and the purchase of an office building to house our operations. Paul's counsel in both transactions was invaluable and enabled us to complete both deals on terms that were extremely favorable to MarketSense. When we later discovered unforeseen problems with one of the transactions, we found that the advice Paul had given us, and the protections he had insisted be in the agreement, provided us with the ability to minimize the damaged.

Paul has been our corporate counsel for over 15 years and his professionalism has been top notch. He is responsive, knowledgeable across a broad range of subjects, connected to specialized resources, and is very sensitive to when he adds value (he doesn't nickel and dime you like many attorneys are prone to do). We now include him in the early stages of our activities, and have benefitted from his assistance in identifying issues and preventing problems.

I would imagine that any company would benefit from Paul's counsel.

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