Paul has been our company attorney for over 20 years. We own and operate retail copy locations, and have had up to 35 individual stores and 200 employees. Paul has handled a full range of legal and business operational needs, including partnership agreements, lease negotiations, trademark and unique copyright matters, personnel policies and employment problems, mergers and acquisitions, sales tax and employment tax issues, and a wide variety of general business matters. He has served as our 'general counsel.'

He has worked with us using an alternative billing arrangement, which has saved us over $100,000 off his normal rates. This has given us budget certainty, while allowing us to use him whenever we need, and in a pro-active manner.

One thing I value greatly is that in negotiations, Paul is always trying to get to "yes" with the people we are dealing with, rather than putting up stops and reasons why things can't be done.

Both my Operations Manager and I rely on Paul for specific legal and general business advice and consultation, and he is an important member of our management team.

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