My professional association with Paul Mahler dates back 30+ years. As a human resources consultant to a Bay Area company, I first worked with Paul in his role as in-house legal counsel. We continued the relationship when I started several businesses and Paul joined a law firm. Today, Paul serves as counsel for my company, Baskerville Enterprises, LLC and also provides family legal counsel.

The nature of my businesses over the years has varied?from health care to hair cutting franchises to publishing. Consequently, Paul has provided legal counsel on a range of topics in different fields. Over this extended period of time, Paul’s responses have been consistently responsive and useful. Because he brings a maturity and judgment to the practice of law and the issues at hand, his work typically exceeds my expectations. Consequently, I rely on Paul heavily for his excellent judgment as well as legal expertise. (More than once, he has saved me from myself.) Patience is not my strong suit, so I particularly appreciate the efficiency with which he addresses the concerns I bring to him; his sense of humor provides perspective.

Our company anticipates expansion in 2010 and beyond. We move ahead more confidently because Paul is part of our team. An associate of ours once described Paul Mahler as “an attorney’s attorney.” I can think of no better way to describe his outstanding professionalism.

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