MarketSense is a business-to-business marketing and lead management firm, headquartered near Chicago, Illinois. We have a national client base and over 60 employees to serve them.

In the last year, Paul has helped us with two significant transactions, the acquisition of another advertising firm to help expand our capabilities, and the purchase of an office building to house our operations. Paul's counsel in both transactions was invaluable and enabled us to complete both deals on terms that were extremely favorable to MarketSense. When we later discovered unforeseen problems with one of the transactions, we found that the advice Paul had given us, and the protections he had insisted be in the agreement, provided us with the ability to minimize the damaged.

Paul has been our corporate counsel for over 15 years and his professionalism has been top notch. He is responsive, knowledgeable across a broad range of subjects, connected to specialized resources, and is very sensitive to when he adds value (he doesn't nickel and dime you like many attorneys are prone to do). We now include him in the early stages of our activities, and have benefitted from his assistance in identifying issues and preventing problems.

I would imagine that any company would benefit from Paul's counsel.

– Pete Wroblewski, Founder and President, MarketSense

Paul has been our company attorney for over 20 years. We own and operate retail copy locations, and have had up to 35 individual stores and 200 employees. Paul has handled a full range of legal and business operational needs, including partnership agreements, lease negotiations, trademark and unique copyright matters, personnel policies and employment problems, mergers and acquisitions, sales tax and employment tax issues, and a wide variety of general business matters. He has served as our 'general counsel.'

He has worked with us using an alternative billing arrangement, which has saved us over $100,000 off his normal rates. This has given us budget certainty, while allowing us to use him whenever we need, and in a pro-active manner.

One thing I value greatly is that in negotiations, Paul is always trying to get to "yes" with the people we are dealing with, rather than putting up stops and reasons why things can't be done.

Both my Operations Manager and I rely on Paul for specific legal and general business advice and consultation, and he is an important member of our management team.

– Craig Fairbanks, President and Owner, Fairbanks Enterprises, LLC, Copy Central

We have had the opportunity of working with Paul since 1988.

Paul has the ability to handle both complex and simple issues in way that helps us focus on doing our business and not dealing with legal issues.

Paul has been our corporate attorney since our firm was founded in 1995. He has work on employment issues including writing our employee hand book, to dealing with partner and shareholder concerns.

Paul has acted as my personal attorney since 1988.

I recommend him with utmost confidence.

– Dennis Cote, Founder and Vice President, RLM Insurance Services

My professional association with Paul Mahler dates back 30+ years. As a human resources consultant to a Bay Area company, I first worked with Paul in his role as in-house legal counsel. We continued the relationship when I started several businesses and Paul joined a law firm. Today, Paul serves as counsel for my company, Baskerville Enterprises, LLC and also provides family legal counsel.

The nature of my businesses over the years has varied?from health care to hair cutting franchises to publishing. Consequently, Paul has provided legal counsel on a range of topics in different fields. Over this extended period of time, Paul’s responses have been consistently responsive and useful. Because he brings a maturity and judgment to the practice of law and the issues at hand, his work typically exceeds my expectations. Consequently, I rely on Paul heavily for his excellent judgment as well as legal expertise. (More than once, he has saved me from myself.) Patience is not my strong suit, so I particularly appreciate the efficiency with which he addresses the concerns I bring to him; his sense of humor provides perspective.

Our company anticipates expansion in 2010 and beyond. We move ahead more confidently because Paul is part of our team. An associate of ours once described Paul Mahler as “an attorney’s attorney.” I can think of no better way to describe his outstanding professionalism.

– Carole Carson, Author, From Fat to Fit: Turn Yourself into a Weapon of Mass Reduction,, and Coach, AARP Fat 2 Fit Online Community

Paul Mahler has served us well for decades, as attorney for our family corporation, WolfTen, and our partnership, Silver Wolf, which included CopyMat Businesses. Paul has dug us out of some perplexing situations in business, always being prompt and professional. In all cases, he has successfully handled the rudimentary as well as complex problems beyond our capability. Paul is accessible and polite - clear and communicative.

We especially appreciate his 'ticker,' which reminds us of time-dated responsibilities demanding our attention.

– President, Kathryn Sheckler, Secretary/Treasurer, Paul Sheckler

I chose Paul as my attorney because he can hit a softball a long way, used to be able to score tickets for Grateful Dead concerts from Mayor Wilson’s Office, was willing to play tennis with me at odd hours, enjoys bad jokes, and has a great wife and kids.

– John Rumel, General Counsel, Idaho Education Association

As the Operations manager for UCI Constructions, Inc., a privately owned merit shop contractor serving the petrochemical, chemical, manufacturing, food, wine and dairy industries, it has been our pleasure to work with Paul Mahler as our contracts attorney for the past five years.

Mr. Mahler has worked on a wide variety of contracts for us from the large and complex to simple contracts, protecting UCI’s best interests every step of the way while being aware of our clients’ perspectives. Always timely and accessible, his knowledge and expertise with contract law has provided a sense of security for UCI when dealing with major U.S. corporate contracts. Mr. Mahler has easily interacted with the management of UCI Construction and is able to explain the law in layman’s terms.

We look forward to continuing our mutually beneficial business relationship with him for many years to come.

– Rich Pacini, Operations Manager, UCI Construction, Inc.

Starting a new small business in this economy was very scary, and we knew it would be a challenge. Paul really made it simple and took care of all of the "legal mumbo jumbo." I really appreciate how easy he is to talk to and how he makes us feel like he will take care of whatever might come up. I have every confidence and great trust in him.

– Owner, Architectural Design Firm

During a very stressful time with my business, Paul Mahler kept me sane. He thoroughly explained all the options available to me. He had a great sense of urgency, and promptly returned my calls/emails whenever I needed to talk with him. He guided me to take the course that was best for me both legally, financially and personally. If you need sound legal advice, Paul Mahler is the guy!

– Owner, Manufacturers’ Representatives Sales Firm

In 2006, a group of retail store franchise owners banded together to file suit against a large national corporation. We formed a legal association and obtained legal counsel to represent us in the litigation. We soon realized that the corporation we set up was not correct. We were referred to Paul Mahler by one of our attorneys to help us with our “corporate” matters. Having worked directly with Paul for over three years, I have been very pleased in the professional manner in which he has dealt with a multitude of legal issues for our group. He has always made himself available to us, even while on vacation.

Paul has guided our group through numerous corporate issues with expert advice. He also has provided guidance to us in how to deal with our litigation counsel when some touchy issues surfaced. Based on our experience with Paul, I can heartily recommend him as a thorough and conscientious attorney who covers all bases.

– Executive Vice-President, National Franchise Owners’ Association

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