Sales, Mergers & Acquisitions

For growing businesses, acquisitions are an excellent means of adding capacity without needing to start from scratch. Mergers can accomplish the same result or can allow a company to add related lines of business and benefit from synergies in management and administration. Sales of a business are frequently used to shed lines that are no longer related to the core business, or used as an exit strategy to allow for retirement of the founders or allow the founders to embark on new activities.

All three require careful planning, skillful negotiation and accurate drafting, with attention to both the broader picture (the goals of both the client and the other party) and the many details needed to complete and close the transaction.

The Law Office of Paul F. Mahler regularly assists clients in sales, mergers and acquisitions. Services include strategic work with key management (for acquisitions and mergers: identifying potential targets, developing the business plan and negotiating strategy, and making initial value determinations; for sales: conducting a strategic internal audit to identify and address issues that may be an impediment to the sale); preparation of due diligence checklists and conducting due diligence; negotiating and drafting a term sheet; negotiation and drafting of transactional document; and closing and post-closing matters. Mr. Mahler has managed both simple (asset values of under $100,000) and complex (asset values in of $50M+) transactions, and enjoys overseeing this very complex process with skill and care.

Representative sales, merger and acquisition transactions include:

  • Acquisition of marketing agency by a client to broaden its client base and expand into new client areas.
  • Sale of a food processing business by its founders as their exit strategy for retirement.
  • Merger of software game developer with public game publishing company to relieve developer of administrative tasks and allow it to focus on game creation and development.
  • Asset acquisition of existing franchisee’s assets to take over and grow business.
  • Stock purchase of retail gardening business.
  • Asset acquisition of major gas station and real property in Tahoe Basin.
  • Sale of assets on behalf of client engaged in operating drop zone for sky diving enthusiasts.
  • Sale of assets of major web publisher of baseball news and statistics (transaction not ultimately completed).
  • Sale of assets of emergency veterinary hospital (negotiations ongoing).

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