Non-Profit Entities

The Law Office of Paul F. Mahler has formed and obtained tax-exempt status for many charitable (Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3)) and mutual benefit (Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(6)) organizations. Working within the budget parameters of non-profit clients, Mr. Mahler is able to scale services to the particular scope of work needed by each client, and to educate client constituents on the numerous and complex organizational and tax exempt issues that they must understand and work with.

Representative public charities include museums, religious organizations, and entities that: provide basic housing and living environments for the poor and needy; provide funding for charitable work in foreign countries; provide no-strings-attached awards to outstanding teachers; identify and protect historic landmarks and cemeteries in the west; and provide counseling services to trauma victims and their families.

Representative private foundation work includes a family trust established to make grants to worthwhile causes, and several foundations that are tied to clients who operate for-profit businesses and allocate a portion of the profits from those businesses to fund local or regional charitable programs.

Representative mutual benefit corporation work includes formation and representation of chambers of commerce, legal work on behalf of franchisee associations, and representation of local merchant associations.

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