General Counsel

Our firm is ideally situated to work as “general counsel” for privately held companies that have regular legal needs, but are not big enough to have in-house counsel themselves. Due to Mr. Mahler’s significant experience in many areas of law, our firm is able to serve as a one-stop resource for a client’s legal needs.

For many clients, Mr. Mahler is the only business lawyer they work with, handling the gamut of enterprise-wide legal issues: business transactions, intellectual property protection and licensing, employment matters, facility acquisition or leasing, mergers and acquisitions, etc.

As a solo practitioner, Mr. Mahler is able to tailor his level of support to each client’s specific needs. For some clients, he provides responses to questions on a daily or weekly basis. For others, his services are limited to more significant or strategic legal issues. Whatever the need, Mr. Mahler is sensitive to both the business needs of his clients and the clients’ desires to have work done quickly, expertly and cost effectively.

Like any General Counsel, he is also able to work with personnel at all levels of an enterprise. He is also able to work with (or provide referrals to) attorneys who provide specialized legal support when the need arises, such as in tax or litigation matters. For many clients, Mr. Mahler also manages the work of outside counsel, serving as a liaison between counsel and senior management to integrate their work with the operations of clients.

To support client budgetary goals and needs, we are happy to consider alternative billing arrangements for clients for which Mr. Mahler provides general counsel-type services. Some clients need separate billing on a variety of matters. Many of our clients prefer a flat monthly fee structure for budgeting purposes. Please feel free to discuss your billing and budget needs with our office.

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