Commercial Real Estate

The Law Office of Paul F. Mahler regularly assists clients with commercial real estate transactions. Mr. Mahler routinely reviews and negotiates leases for offices, retail and industrial/warehouses on behalf of clients. For companies with substantial real property holdings, he will draft lease forms for use by the client with tenants, and assist in the implementation of those lease programs and in negotiations of lease terms with specific tenants.

Our office also assists clients in the purchase and sale of real property. Recent transactions include: the acquisition of an $8M commercial office building in Illinois on behalf of a client with multi-state operations (this transaction included the exchange of an existing building owned by the client); the option to purchase the real property used by a retail and wholesale nursery; and a commercial condominium by a client in North Carolina for use as its office in that State.

For more information on how our firm can help you with your commercial real estate needs, please contact our office today.

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