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One of the great things about working with privately held businesses, and one of the most interesting aspects of our practice, is developing long-term relationships with clients and their management teams. Typically, Mr. Mahler has worked with the senior management of his clients for many years. These relationships give him a strong understanding of the clients’ businesses, and a good feel for their strengths, weaknesses, tolerance for risk and business goals and strategies.

For many clients, and particularly those for whom Mr. Mahler provides “general counsel” types of services, we are part of their management team, providing business and management advice on an array of both purely legal and many quasi-legal business issues. We have found that regular communication about day-to-day matters allows Mr. Mahler to spot potential trouble spots before they become true legal problems. In that sense, his goal is to provide preventative advice that will help our clients avoid financially and emotionally costly legal problems in the future.

Such relationships allow Mr. Mahler to work with his clients on different levels, and to add value to their business and business operations that is simply not possible in the traditional attorney/client relationship. Often, founders and CEOs need a sounding board or confidential ear they can rely on. Mr. Mahler particularly enjoys receiving phone calls that start off “Paul, this isn’t really a legal question, but can I run something by you?”

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