Business & Commercial Transactions

At the heart of all businesses are relationships: customer, vendor and strategic partner. These relationships are generally based on contractual arrangements, ideally written agreements but often oral contracts that the parties have not fully defined.

From the simple (e.g., drafting or reviewing a Confidentiality or Non-Disclosure Agreement with a potential business partner) to the more complex (e.g., a Construction Agreement between a contractor and refinery for industrial development work), the Law Office of Paul F. Mahler represents clients across a broad spectrum of industries (see Clients). Our wide experience enables us to quickly and efficiently address the business and commercial needs of our clients.

Representative commercial and general business transactions that have required review, negotiation and drafting in the past several years include:

  • Equipment Lease Agreement for clients engaged in leasing various types of business equipment, and assistance in the implementation of the lease program.
  • Consulting Services Agreements for clients providing consulting services, while protecting the unique intellectual property assets of the client.
  • Full-form Construction Contracts for a variety of industrial construction clients.
  • Franchise Agreements for a variety of franchisees.
  • Customer Agreements for clients with fitness and martial arts studios, including full compliance with California statutes that govern those agreements.
  • Web-site Terms of Use, Privacy Policies and other user-agreements.
  • Publishing Agreements on behalf of authors (both in traditional and web-based distribution).
  • Joint venture arrangements to establish business partnerships for the development of unique software and exploitation of other intellectual property assets.
  • Development Agreements for alternative energy companies, including consulting arrangements with developers, wind and solar energy leases and licenses, and development agreements for turn-key operations.
  • Franchise agreements for cable television operators.
  • Purchase and license agreements for construction and operation of retail indoor sky-diving entertainment businesses.
  • Consumer waivers and releases of liability on behalf of clients engaged in high-risk activities with customers (indoor sky-diving; martial arts; health clubs).

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